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BRMC, The Cobbs, Sarabeth Tucek @ House of Blues in Dallas

The last show in Texas for me, Jodi, and Suzanne. It was an excellent show that I actually was able to enjoy without taking any photos or videos. I did sneak in a camera, but being at the front near security made it impossible to use. Still, it was nice to relax and just sing along most of the night. Our Dallas adventure started when we were driving (Suzanne actually) nearly 200 miles from Austin. It was definitely a long drive, but worse for Suzanne who was craving a smoke for much of it. There were only a few bathroom stops at various grocery stores and gas stations, so when we arrived at the House of Blues we were all starving and tired.

We decided to eat at the restaurant at the venue since it allowed you to “pass the line” with a receipt. Since we were all exhausted, a nice sit down meal was very exciting. Even more exciting was hearing a sound check of “Steal A Ride” going on at the music hall down stairs. We heard a few other songs, possibly new and unfinished, before returning to our table. Sometime near the end of our meal, we were joined by Kimberly, who had just arrived from Sacramento moments ago. It was nice seeing her again since the last time we saw each other was Sunset Junction last year. We filled her in on all our adventures from the past few days while she ate.

It was very nice being in the “Pass the line” line because we were able to wait inside while everyone else waited outside as a storm was brewing. We did have a chance to see the music hall by taking the elevator up with a nice security guy, who later wrote several love letters to Kimberly. I’m sure she was flattered, as well as amused. When we finally got down to the music hall, me and Suzanne stood right in front in the middle of the stage (same spot as at La Zona Rosa). There were some girls who Suzanne overheard were planning on edging their way to the front, which made us very protective of our spots.

Sarabeth Tucek and Luther Russell opened this show as they had the previous night. They weren’t as warmly received as they had been at La Zona Rosa, so Luther did a fancy guitar solo that got people a little more excited. Still, they played a lovely acoustic set with Sarabeth’s deep alto vocals. The Cobbs were up next and played a short but sweet set of their ’60’s inspired psychedelic rock sound. They really seemed to impress the mostly youthful audience. I actually noticed the theremin more since I wasn’t busy taking pictures or video.

The House of Blues in Dallas is huge for a House of Blues. It probably had a 1600 to 2000 person capacity, which is at least twice as large as the ones I’d been to in California. Robert mentioned after BRMC came on stage that this was probably the largest show they’d played in Dallas. Considering the huge stage and the upper level, it was exciting to see them up close for it. The setlist was amazing that night since we got “Killing The Light” near the start of the show (after a false start), and “Steal A Ride” during the encore. That really made the show even better, and made the trip to Texas worth it.

Here’s the setlist, which Jodi posted on the forum:

Took Out A Loan
Lien On Your Dreams
In Like The Rose
Ain’t No Easy Way
Weapon Of Choice
Punk Song
Killing The Light (after a bit of a false start due to tuning problems)
Not What You Wanted
666 Conducer
Love Burns
Need Some Air
American X
Fault Line
Devil’s Waitin’
Shuffle Your Feet
All You Do Is Talk

Restless Sinner
Steal A Ride (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Red Eyes And Tears
Six Barrel Shotgun
Spread Your Love

After the show, Kimberly had a pass to go to the after part, but missed going to the backstage area when they were leading people there. Me and Jodi went to the merch table to see what new shirts to buy and chatted a little with the Cobbs, who were selling out their tank tops. I was sad about this since I had missed out on buying one in Houston for $8, and then they raised the price in Austin to $12. Suzanne was having a smoke outside and was stuck at the top of the stairs until she gave the security guard puppy dog eyes. As the merch was being put away, we were shooed up the stairs to the outside of the venue.

Out near the side of the venue, Peter was smoking and chatting with people. The security people there said he was just trying to be alone and all these people came up to him. It was strange that he was outside while the after party was going on. He brought out his guitar and was playing in the stair well with Luther for awhile. Not long after, he was out with Luther and some of the Cobbs playing Beatles songs and jamming with a fan playing a harmonica. The rest of the after party had come out by then and joined the impromptu jam session.

There were more odd moments of Robert putting suitcases (which I assume belonged to the Cobbs) in trees and then saluting Kimberly as the bus was starting up to leave. Grant had to follow him over to bring him back to the bus. Nick had come out earlier followed by several fans and was sporting his Mr. Rogers sweater and glasses. Spike, Wic, and some other people had taken a walk to see the Grassy Knoll (where Kennedy was assassinated). The rest of us were sitting on the sidewalk half listening to the jam and discussing random things. Suzanne was sleeping in the car for the most part.

When we did finally leave, there was little time for showers and gossip, but we managed to squeeze in a little of both. We were really rushed actually getting to the airport because we had to get gas, drop Jodi and Kimberly off at Dallas Love Field, return the rental car, and then check in and go through security, while still squeezing in a smoke break for Suzanne. We barely made our flight, but the important thing is that we made it and our Texas trip was officially (and unfortunately) over.

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