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Silversun Pickups & Arctic Monkeys @ Coachella

I have way too much to write about and not much time and energy to do it. Coachella was fun and I was actually happy just going to the first day. The rest of the weekend, I stayed at this very nice 2 bedroom condo at Worldmark by Trendwest. It was a timeshare resort and super posh, we really lucked out by inviting my brother’s friend Krissana since it was her friend Heidi who had the place for the weekend. Heidi also kind of lucked out since all the friends who she’d originally planned on going with bailed on her. How sad. We all still had a great time, first going to Coachella, then hanging out by the pool and lazy river, catching some rays, and even visiting the Palm Springs aerial tramway. We did sleep in a lot after Coachella on Friday and the rest of the weekend.

Well, I guess I should start my stories by describing Coachella. It was crowded and hot, but since we got a late start – we only had to endure the heat for a couple hours until the sun went down. The bands that were on when we arrived were Tilly and the Wall and Of Montreal, both of whom I’ve seen before together. I haven’t seen Silversun Pickups and they were just starting as we left the tent where Tilly and the Wall were. It was about 5 PM, so the sun was still bright and hot. Shade was hard to find and water was expensive. I know it sounds pretty gross, but we did find some mostly full Gatorades and waters lying around. It really does beat paying $2-4 for a crappy hot drink or $5+ for a cold icy one. So, I have kind of seen Silversun Pickups from all their TV appearances. I enjoyed their set despite the heat and lack of sleep from the night before. My brother got some pictures while I listened and looked for shade. Here’s one decent photo:


The rest of the photos can be found on Flickr.

Next up were the Arctic Monkeys, who I have seen before in San Francisco. Again, I was tired and exhausted from the heat. I was checking things on my phone when I practically dozed off. I woke up when some guys behing me asked me to take a picture of them together. My brother seemed to really enjoy the Arctic Monkeys since he took a bunch of photos of them. The photos are kind of grainy because of the zoom since we were kind of far. Here’s a nice photo:


The rest of the Arctic Monkeys photos are also on Flickr.

That’s all for now, I will write next about The Jesus and Mary Chain, Jarvis Cocker, Interpol, and Bjork. Though I will also be writing about the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway on Sunday and the Jimmy Kimmel taping yesterday.

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