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Down here they say there’s a game to play there’s a place to go where you learn how to pray no one seems to care but they’ll give you a stare

You Are an Old Soul
You are an experience soul who appreciates tradition.
Mellow and wise, you like to be with others but also to be alone.
Down to earth, you are sensible and impatient.
A creature of habit, it takes you a while to warm up to new people.

You hate injustice, and you’re very protective of family and friends
A bit demanding, you expect proper behavior from others.
Extremely independent you don’t mind living or being alone.
But when you find love, you tend to want marriage right away.

Souls you are most compatible with: Warrior Soul and Visionary Soul

What Kind of Soul Are You?
Too many good blogthings at the same time!

I want to quickly let you know how to pray, since that is the subject of Pastor Kevin’s message yesterday. The week before was about secrecy and the importance of not revealing too much. This made me not want to mention last week’s service at all! The topic yesterday continued with how a community of faith brings you out of dark places since you will have others to support you. I see this as a community in general that helps bring you out of hiding, and I love the fact that you can find community so easily on the internet. For me, it’s been BRMC boards, MySpace, Xanga, 43 Things, Orkut, Ryze, and FreeCycle (which is more like a physical community also).

The topic of prayer was to pray in secret and to forgive others (Matt 6:7-15). We went through the Lord’s Prayer verse by verse, starting with verse 9: focus on God vs. yourself, 10: give up control to God so you allow yourself to be an instrument of God’s will, 11: request what we want/need rather than try to get it on your own, remember our daily dependence on God, 12: be full of grace, forgiving those who don’t even deserve it, 13: God leads us into temptation, but not painful things, and we have nothing to fear when God is with us.

Kevin added that prayers should be kept simple. The Lord’s Prayer is a guide on how to pray and not a template of what to pray. He compared it to paint by numbers vs. spinning paints which moves naturally and is different each time.  Then, he made a U2 reference saying Bono and the Edge lead the band, but the drums and bass give it movement. Now I doubt Kevin has heard much BRMC, but the drums and bass are like the total lead of their music! He would be surprised and amazed if he ever saw Robert and Nick playing their instruments…. sorry I couldn’t resist slipping a BRMC reference in there!

You Have a Sanguine Temperament
Down here they say there's a game to play there's a place to go where you learn how to pray no one seems to care but they'll give you a stare 1
You are an optimistic person who is easily content.
You enjoy casual, light tasks – never wanting to delve too deep into anything.
A bit fickle, it’s easy for you to change plans or paths when presented with something better.

You enjoy all of the great things life has to offer – food, friends, and fun.
A great talker, you can keep the conversation going for hours.
You are optimistic and sure of your success. If you fail, you don’t worry about it too much.

At your worst, you are vain. You are obsessed with your own attractiveness.
A horrible flirt, you tend to jump into love affairs and relationship drama easily.
You’re very jealous – which just magnifies the craziness around you.

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