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Music Video and Filmmakers Network on, Lonesome Traveler Bio

I’ve recently decided that I would like to try to make music videos for a living. I know it sounds totally crazy since I studied Psychology in college and only dabbled in Final Cut Pro this past stummer. However, I think I really am interested in the art of music videos. I’ve signed up for Audio and Video Production classes at City College and I’ve been ordering music DVDs on ebay, including Anton Corbijn’s collection, Later Louder with Jools Holland, Echo & the Bunnymen and New Order.

The Best of New Order and Joy Division on MySpace have started making a lot of music video posts on their blogs. Too many good music videos! I’m not complaining. I thought MTV ruined music videos awhile ago when all they showed were booty rap and hair metal music videos while Beavis and Butthead showed the quality music videos.

Then, MTV became a reality TV network with the Real World, Road Rules, and Cribs. Sure, there’s MTV2 but you need digital cable or satellite to get it. You may ask “Why is Liane suddenly so interested in music videos?” The answer is that I’ve always loved music videos, from the ’80’s on – MTV was probably my favorite TV station until it was ruined by itself. I haven’t seen MuchMusic/Fuse or anything, but I used to watch some excellent independent music video shows like Are-Oh-Vee and MusicLink on late night television. That was the only appointment TV I needed throughout high school.

So, now the question is: how does one get from saying “I want to make music videos” to actually making them… that one’s a toughie… so all I could think of was to make a Ryze network called Music Video and Filmmakers. Ryze is a business networking website that I’ve been a part of for awhile, and I recently upgraded to Gold membership so I could start my own network. I just hope that I can actually get people to join and participate! There are plenty of aspiring filmmakers and music video directors out there, but I don’t know most of them.

Now, I’ll end this short life update with a link to my Lonesome Traveler style bio on my Geocities website that I made for a Multimedia class that I was in.  I used Lonesome Traveler since I was reading lots of Jack Kerouac for awhile and I’m so used to traveling by myself when I go to foreign countries overseas which really isn’t that often.

Some of my favorite music video sites include:

Cliptip – a great music video blog
Video Static – music video production news
Video-C which currently has a nice Oasis feature
Mighty Fudge which has 3 great cartoon versions of Dressy Bessy videos
Plates Animation which has BRMC’s new video as well as Arcade Fire, The Shins and Mogwai

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