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Today’s Mega Post: B-sides, School, Raves, Beggars/Matador Shows, HOWL, Reaching for Lucidity

Yeah, this is a really long, but interesting post… at least to me!

I love B-sides

First, a link to a blog post dedicated to Magnetic Fields covers taken from the excellent Chrome Waves blog. However, there is a glaring omission of Lush’s beautiful cover of “I Have The Moon” from their impressive b-sides comp “Topolino.” I have it in my Yahoo briefcase if you’re interested in hearing it. As an obsessive collector of UK singles, it’s not surprising how much I love b-sides compilations. I’ve mentioned on the BRMC forum that they should release one. Who knows if that will ever happen… they’re already working on the 4th album!

Other notable b-sides comps include:

Catherine Wheel’s “Like Cats & Dogs”
Ash ” Cosmic Debris” (disc 2 of Intergalactic Sonic 7’s)
Super Furry Animals “Outspaced”
Trash Can Sinatras “On A B Road”
XTC “Rag & Bone Buffet” (could be the first XTC album I heard)
Gorillaz “G-Sides”
Feeder’s “Pictures of Perfect Youth” which I don’t have, but should get because I’m a completist and an obsessive collector.

Echo & the Bunnymen’s Crystal Days boxset is an excellent collection of rare tracks, but it is kind of expensive though totally worth the money for fans. I still haven’t gotten XTC’s “A Coat of Many Cupboards”… some day.

“School will be fun!” (a young Bart Simpson)

I absolutely love my classes right now. I’m currently taking 4 of them: 2 Multimedia and 2 Broadcast Media (with my wonderful teacher Delicia from the summer class on Digital Media Skills). It’s still early, but it seems like I’ll be learning all the things I’ve spent years wanting to learn and become really good at: PhotoShop, Final Cut Pro, Flash, HTML, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, and that’s just the start! I’ll also get to do a lot of group projects in the Broadcast Media classes and lots of writing assignments, which I am actually looking forward to. 

Over the weekend, I completed my Demographics assignment to interview 2 people I don’t know by asking questions to a couple people from my alumni association mixer at Samovar Tea. They were very cool about it, despite the very probing nature of some questions (specifically about income). Today, I interviewed one of my classmates, Adela, for an assignment due on Thursday. She was very friendly and easy to talk to. We interviewed each other, so it was fun to remember things about myself while learning a lot about her.

More Fauning over the Raveonettes…

And as if I didn’t love the Raveonettes enough, Sune Rose Wagner emailed me another cool response to my question asking how he learned to play guitar. His answer was “THROUGH BOOKS FROM THE LOCAL LIBRARY…IT TOOK A LONG TIME BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!” He’s been pretty lazy by keeping the CAPs key on, but I love the answer. I remember reading an interview with him and Sharin where he talked about learning about music through library books and Sharin called him a nerd!

Now everyone will want to join a street team

For the Beggars/Matador Street Teams, I might be going to these shows:

INTERPOL  9/15   +1

9/15    San Jose CA        San Jose Civic Auditorium


8/24       Amoeba SF            Instore performance 7 PM
9/27       Bimbo’s 365 Club   Immaculate Machine, Destroyer

THE DOUBLE    9/29

9/29        Mezzanine                M83   


10/2      Strictly Bluegrass Festival


10/05      Mezzanine     CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH

CALLA 10/21  +1

10/21       Mezzanine    CELEBRATION


10/25    San Francisco CA        Bottom Of The Hill            Eleventeen

DEVENDRA BANHART and the Hairy Fairy  10/30

10/30        Bimbo’s 365 Club       BUNNY BRAINS

I say maybe because I don’t like to go to shows alone (kind of sad, I know), but I will more likely go to the +1 shows because I can bring someone along. I am very curious about M83, Devandra Barnhart, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

Go Buy HOWL today!

I was so tempted to by the special edition of HOWL on ebay today, but $25 is just too much… here’s the latest BRMC Newsletter for those of you who might be interested:

iTunes Exclusive
Howl is out now in the US and as an added bonus, by purchasing through iTunes, you’ll not only receive the incredible hidden track, Open Invitati


, you will also be able to download the previously unreleased, Steal A Ride. This track cannot be found on any previous BRMC release!

Garage Last Night
BRMC made a triumphant return last night to London’s Garage. They played a 17 song set relying heavily on Howl. The set-list is as follows:

Shuffle Your Feet
Aint No Easy Way
Punk Song
Six Barrel Shotgun
Still Suspicion Holds You Tight
Weight Of The World
The Line
Sympathetic Noose
As Sure As The Sun
Red Eyes And Tears
Spread Your Love
Devils Waitin’
Fault Line
Gospel Song

This was the first time many of these tracks have been played live.

Several new articles have been added to the Press section. Including the NME review and The Guardian.



Okay, one last plug for my friend Eban’s Reaching For Lucidity podcast, which features both BRMC’s new album and my fansite! Thanks, Eban!

RfL Podcast Show 08-23-05 #19

August 23rd, 2005

Click here or on the graphic below to listen or download the show to your computer or portable device. Today on Indie Tuesday the focus is on indie, alternative, and acoustic artists. Kick back and enjoy! Tommorrow we are going to have some great alternative and hard rock!

Today's Mega Post: B-sides, School, Raves, Beggars/Matador Shows, HOWL, Reaching for Lucidity 1

All featured music today is from the Podsafe Music Network which Reaching for Lucidity is a proud member.

Show Notes

*On indie vs. corporate music
*Music: Matt Brady-Give it all Link
*Headlines: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Album and Dr. Moog
*Music: The Turnbull AC’s- Pretty Girls Don’t go To Heaven Link
*Gypsie story conclusion and link to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club fansite(
*Music: Adrina Thorpe-Round the Bend Link
*Music: Vanton-Look at Me Link

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