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Been a Mac user since the early 90’s!

And I don’t think I want to switch to a PC any time soon. My brother and sister have PC’s, so I have access to them and can use them. However, for my own interests and hopefully, my career I will continue to be a Mac addict. My first one was a PowerMac 66mHz with 8mb RAM and 250 mb HD. Then, I got a Lime Green iMac in college and my mom got a Blue and White G3, which she still uses now. After I graduated in 2002, I got a shiny new iBook G3 700 mhz, 40 gb HD, with 384 mb RAM. I still use it, though I eventually would like to get a new super duper dual 3 gHz G6 (G5 is the current highest) with tons of RAM and HD space. Some day…

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