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How to install WordPress on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS with Nginx

Everyone loves, uses, or has heard of WordPress. It's the most popular CMS out there, and with the advantages of VPS hosting over Shared hosting, a lot of users are moving to a VPS. You may need to install WordPress yourself on your server, so this tutorial will come in handy. Though, some managed hosting providers like RoseHosting offer free WordPress installation and optimization. In this tutorial, we are going to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to install WordPress on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. WordPress is the most popular open source CMS written in PHP that allows web developers to create everything from simple websites to complex e-commerce web stores, news portals, magazines etc. This tutorial was tested and written for an Ubuntu VPS, but it should work on any Debian based Linux distribution. (more…)

By Liane, ago

Portfolio site is back!

So after an extended period of being offline (a few months), my design portfolio is back! I’m still not completely happy with it because I haven’t edited the styles yet, so it’s a lot more plain than what I usually like. ¬†The rollover effect on the circles is pretty cool Read more…

By Liane, ago

State of the Blog

I’ve been busily adding features to my BRMC fan site, including a new forum. The reason I switched themes here is because I wanted to use this theme called Teal by ThemeAlley¬†on that site because the title font reminds me of HOWL. Anyways, I was having trouble getting this one Read more…

By Liane, ago

Here’s Hopen!

After a few days (or weeks) of wrestling with WordPress and my web host, things are back and better than ever! Well, at least they’re how I want them to be and I’m confident they will stay that way. I’m still not sure how my site got injected with spam Read more…

By Liane, ago