February update

Happy Chinese New Year, for real! January was full of death and disappointment, but February seems to be looking up (at least, for me). Today is also the birthday of a man I not so secretly admire: Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club! Though I missed some BRMC shows last year, I was Read more…

By Liane, ago

New BRMC song + Harvard & Stone NYE party

The BRMC world is really buzzing these days and for good reason! The recently released demo “Ordinary Boy” is apparently getting some great feedback. I’m enjoying it a lot too. I know BRMC’s mailing list is not exactly a secret. I didn’t feel right about sharing the link on my fan site since Read more…

By Liane, ago

Visiting the Taipei Zoo

A couple months ago, I was in Taipei for my cousin’s funeral.  Despite the circumstances of the trip, it was nice to see family again after so long. My uncle and his wife were very accommodating and took me out to eat at many of their favorite places and even Read more…

By Liane, ago