February update

Happy Chinese New Year, for real! January was full of death and disappointment, but February seems to be looking up (at least, for me). Today is also the birthday of a man I not so secretly admire: Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club! Though I missed some BRMC shows last year, I was Read more…

By Liane, ago

Goodbye Twice, best of luck to your staff!

One of my favorite sites for buying/selling clothes, Twice recently announced their technology was being acquired by eBay Valet. I’ve been watching their Facebook page closely lately since they were doing a lot of daily giveaways.  About a week ago, I actually managed to win a “Guess The Dress” contest for this Read more…

By Liane, ago

Retail Therapy

I’ve been doing better lately in my job search, people are actually scheduling interviews and interested in getting me work. Even so, I get a little down about things. The thing about buying stuff when you’re not happy is not a healthy thing, but it really does make you happy Read more…

By Liane, ago