7 Reasons to Attend a Business Conference

Conferences are all about learning something new or expanding your network of connections. Sure, you can rely on LinkedIn and other industry-related sites for this, but there is no replacement for the raw experience of being at an event in person. Still not convinced you should spend a weekend evening Read more…

By Liane, ago
Anime Expo

Aniplex of America announces AkibaFest™, animation & technology festival on Oct 15th & 16th in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

So far, this year’s Anime Expo is enjoyable despite the heat and crowds. These are things to expect for this type of event and time of year. Still, I’ve attended some interesting panels: Aniplex and Toonami the first day and Indivisible/Skullgirls today. However, I missed SAO Festival with the English Cast of Sword Art Online. This Read more…

By Liane, ago

Happy Year of the Monkey (with Tokidoki)!

Thanks to our friends at Tokidoki, we can make our own red envelopes for Chinese New Year! The Lunar New Year is just around the corner! To celebrate the Year of the Monkey, we’ve created a special DIY envelope. Make your own tokidoki money packet and start giving out good fortune by printing Read more…

By Liane, ago