So, what does everyone think of the new BRMC song? I think it totally kicks ass and now I’m really excited for the new album ‘Wrong Creatures‘ (coming out January 12, 2018)!  Check it out:

I’m especially excited about the next North American tour in January/February 2018 starting shortly after the album drops! New music from BRMC has literally been 5 years in the making, so glad we’re getting bits and pieces here and there – but nothing beats a solid announcement and pre-order! There are many places to order the new album, but for some reason I went with the non-US store. It had this double vinyl version, which I ended up getting (along with the CD). 

Though we did get plenty of shows with BRMC last year, it’s kind of hard to not have much new music from them for so long. Just glad they’re still together and still creating new material!  And check out all the tour dates:

They’re even working with WarChild USA on their new tour dates!

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