kasabian @ popsceneThat’s right, one of the best up and coming British bands played for free tonight due to the generous sponsorship by MSN Music. And “The Mayor of the Sunset Strip” was playing on a couple of the TVs before and during the show! I know, I’ve got to stop being obsessed with Rodney, I’m just excited to finally get to see it. Okay, back to the show. After driving and walking around awhile, my dad dropped off me and my brother at Ritch Street.

We got there at around 6 PM and there was already a long line. I picked up a Bay Area Guardian to read during the long wait. They handed out tickets at 8 PM so we went to Border’s for awhile to use the bathroom and look around. Jacob got some colored pencils, oil pastels in a nice case, and a small sketchpad. For some reason, they checked his bag but not mine… so I think I could have snuck in my camera. Oh well, it was probably too crowded to take any decent pictures. So, we got inside around 9:15 and I spent much of the time watching the movie (without sound, since the music was pretty loud). I did hear a great dance remix of a Stone Roses song (not “Fool’s Gold”) which I’d love to get a copy of.

Mad Action came on around 9:45 and they were really good. Their songs are really hook-filled rock, and the crowd seemed to enjoy them too. I could barely see the stage from where I was standing (towards the back). All I could see was a dancing ninja, so I kind of split my attention between the ninja (who I really felt like kicking), the stage which occasionally appeared among all the heads of the people in front of me, and the movie which was still playing. I know that Mad Action used to be called Ty Cobb and are friends with BRMC. For some reason, the Popscene flyers said they were from the UK.

By the time Kasabian were set to hit the stage, we had moved up a little bit closer though people still kept getting in front of me. I actually elbowed and pushed a few who were really annoying me. It was really hot and crowded. Kasabian came on with a smoky, green lit entrance. Though we were closer to the stage, I could still barely see anything. The stage is just a little too low.

The music was an excellent dance-y rock sound and I recognized a lot of songs from the album… most of the song titles escape me, though I do remember “Test Transmission” and the big finale of “Club Foot” a.k.a. the song from all those TV shows and commercials. That song really got the crowd going. It was a really exciting show, even Kasabian themselves said it was the best show they’ve play so far. But maybe they say that about every show.

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